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Whar is Conduction Cooled Capacitor

August 20, 2020

Latest company case about Whar is Conduction Cooled Capacitor

What is Conduction Cooled Capacitor


Thermal conduction occurs when the conductive material is placed in a changing magnetic field. Heating is due to eddy current losses within the material (in magnetic materials such as iron, some of the heat is also caused by hysteresis losses). Induction heating is used in many industries for heat treatment activities such as annealing, forging, welding, brazing, curing and sealing.The three main components of the induction heater are the working coil, the power supply and the energy storage circuit. The working coil generates an electromagnetic field that generates heat, the power source converts the line signal into alternating current and transmits it to the working head, and the energy storage circuit generates an operating frequency.


Some industries that use induction heating strongly as below:

*The automotive industry is used to handle bearings, brakes, drive trains, gear joints and shafts;

*The frame, seat, bumper and steering wheel are also heat treated;*The commercial and recreational marine engine industry uses induction heating processes in production;

*Golf clubs, goal posts and sports equipment for the sports and fitness industry;

*Wind turbine industry for gear handling systems;

*Used in the aerospace and aerospace industries for heat treating components and producing special alloys;

*Oil and mining industry for pipe and tool manufacturing;

*A range of locomotive parts for the railway industry;*Commercial, residential and industrial construction industries for the production of structural profiles;

*Induction heating equipment.


Some types are:

*Large industrial heat treatment and processing system

*Mobile heater

*Solid welder

*Modular forging system


Induction heating is widely used in metal industry for melting or heating of thin slab in a continuous casting plant because of good heating efficiency, high production rate, and clean working environments.In the design of resonant induction heating system, choosing a proper capacitance for the resonant circuit is quite important. The capacitance affects the resonant frequency, output power, Q-factor, heating efficiency and power factor. the important role of equivalent series resistance (ESR) in the choice of capacitance is recognized. Huayu water cooled resonant capacitor with low ESR could minimize internal losses, so it can operate in circuits with high frequencies, through very high currents and high operating voltages.Ranging from hundreds of 100kVar to 1500kVar.


Huayu has a variety of film capacitors – including the C41 Conduction Cooled Capacitor series – designed specifically induction heating applications which require high frequency. Custom designs are also available.



latest company case about Whar is Conduction Cooled Capacitor  0


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