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What is X2 Capacitor

August 20, 2020

Latest company case about What is X2 Capacitor

What is  X2 safety capacitor


There are two major types of interference-suppression / AC line filter safety capacitors; namely, type X and type Y. The purpose of these capacitors is to reduce radio frequency interference and to ensure safety from shock and fire.In addition to helping to block out noise interference from being received, they are also used in electrical devices and appliances to help prevent noise interference from being sent out. Below is a schematic of a modern day “line filter circuit” which shows the safety capacitor(s) C1 and C2. Capacitor C1 would be a type X “across the line” capacitor and the two C2s would be type Y “line to ground” safety capacitors.


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Class X capacitors are used in “across-the-line” applications where their failure would not lead to electric shock. Class X safety caps are used between the “live” wires carrying the incoming AC current. In this position, a capacitor failure should not cause any electrical shock hazards, rather, a capacitor failure “between-the-lines” would usually cause a fuse or circuit breaker to open.Class Y capacitors are used in “line-to-ground” (line bypass) applications where their failure could lead to electric shock if a proper ground connection were lost. The failure of a “line-to-ground” capacitor would not open any safety fuse. In other words, the failure of a line bypass capacitor could create a 120 volt “hot” chassis that could give you a potentially fatal shock.


Most safety capacitors have voltage ratings of 250 VAC and can be used in circuits up to 250 VAC. With a 250V voltage rating the capacitors can used in the USA and Canada where typical household voltage is 110-120 VAC as well as in Europe, Australia and other countries where 240 volts is used.


Safety capacitors are grouped into a number of different classes. For X Type capacitors there are class X1, X2 and X3. For Y Type capacitors there is class Y1, Y2, Y3 and Y4.Of the above capacitors, type X2 and Y2 are the most popular and the type that you will probably want to use. X2 and Y2 safety capacitors are used in appliances that plug into ordinary household wall outlets。The type Y capacitor will cost you more money and may be more difficult to install due to their larger size.


Huayu has introduced a range of powerful MKP-X2 capacitors for power electronmagnetic interference suppression. According to the X2 series, the capacitance range extends from 0.001μF to 1μF. Even under harsh environmental conditions, the X2 capacitor is characterized by a stable capacitor, as evidenced by the damp heat test.The maximum operating temperature of the module is 100 °C.


Huayu X2 capacitors are UL and VDE certified.Both the outer casing and epoxy sealing material are UL 94V-0 compliant.

These capacitors are particularly well suited for applications where current capability is critical and capacitor power supplies.It could be used in Input and output filters, photovoltaic inverters, capacitor power supplies. Withstand high current capability which ensure stable capacitance even under harsh environmental conditions.


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